I teach students of all ages and levels in the Sacramento area and at the Pacific Institute of Music in Folsom.

Lessons focus primarily on the following:
-Developing healthy technique & musicality
-Solo & chamber repertoire
-Music theory & history lessons
-Performance opportunities

As a teacher, I focus on helping students reach technical proficiency to open the door to musical expression. I use a combination of scales, etudes and repertoire, and vary my teaching approach based on each student’s style and goals. I also encourage students to develop an awareness of how essential having a healthy body and mindset is for violin playing. 


I’m grateful to my own teachers over the years, including Davis Law, Zaven Melikian, Lucie Robert and Bayla Keyes. I hope to share the same dedication, love and insight that they shared with me with my own students. 


Please contact me via email for more additional information.